i ♥ fix-it friday ~ little beauty

Today is Fix-it Friday over at www.iheartfaces.com. First off, I just have to say how much I love this photo and the whole series of them by Angie Arthur. And what a perfect little model. She is so beautiful and natural. They are AWESOME!!

To edit the picture I used Photoshop CS3. I started by playing with the curves a little to see if I could bring a little more lightness back into the face. After I got the contrast back to where I liked it I used the pro retouch action by TRA to smooth out the face and elbow just a little. Then I sharpened just her eyes and lips just a tad and then applied the pool party action at about 65% opacity. Hope you like...

Original photo:

Original photo by Angie Arthur, co-founder of I ♥ Faces.


theArthurClan said...

Wow, wow, wowza!!! I think this is one of my very favorites. You did an incredible job with my daughter's photo. :) Thank you so much!

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

AJ said...

Absolutely beautiful. Seriously!

Day to Day Tripper said...

The new photo is amazing! Thanks for the sweet comments about my boys. I love having three boys...and agree 6 months is awesome. Ben is all smiles and love right now.

I use picasa...so I don't have many options. It's nice for the price.

Thanks for your help.