i ♥ faces ~ week 27 - sports in action

Here is my weekly entry for the www.iheartfaces.com contest this week. The theme this week is "Sports in Action". I almost didn't enter this week because we upgraded our computer a few months back and almost all my sports pictures are on a hardrive that is still inaccessible. I had some pretty slim pickins this week. I realize this isn't a super exciting shot but this is what I came up with.

This is a picture of my son playing catcher. It was his favorite position to play this year. We loved this ballfield, in what seemed like out in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful! This picture was taken early in the season on a typical cold wet day in the northwest. Oh!... and I love the kid in the back totally asleep in his chair. It must have been an exciting game.

I'm excited to head on over to I faces this week to see all the fantastic action entries this week!

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Justin said...

I love little league baseball... The thing i love about this is the little kid sleeping in the back round... Good shot! Check out mine!

JAN said...

Wow! What a beautiful shot.

Patty said...

that is a great shot!

Puna said...

What a perfect summer day...

Foursons said...

Well you may not think this is a good photo, but the framing, coloring, and compostition is beautiful! Even with your self-proclaimed not my best shots, you are a wonderful photographer! I have so many baseball shots and could enter none of them because they were blurry, to far away, or not framed well. Those moving shots are hard with a point and shoot!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

GORGEOUS SHOT! You did a fantastic job! You have wonderful talent! But then again, all your photos are magnificent!

Rosina said...

Love this one! Especially the little guy in the back...sleeping?

Annette said...

I love baseball pics, but then I enjoy going to the ball park to watch my kids play. Lovely colors in your photo. I always enjoy your pictures, such talent.

4 Lettre Words said...

Ahhh, we heart the Braves!

He already looks like a pro! Great choice.

Chris said...

Great photo. I love how you desaturated the background just a little making the batter up stand out just a touch. It's very subtle.

BTW, would you mind sharing with me how you got your blog post to be a wider pixel? I have been trying to get mine to post wider but haven't had any luck. And some of my pictures end up cut off. As a matter of fact my entry this week got cut off. :o(

Christie Archer

Melinda said...

Great photo! Would love to know if you are using actions to get that unique desaturated look.

I almost broke out into the Tomahawk Chop until I read your son was the catcher on the other team...sorry, I'm a born and bred ATL girl : )

Life with Kaishon said...

Such a great picture. Wow.