Punk Rock and Ballerina: Halloween Style

My daughter and her best friend were excited to get all decked out in their Halloween costumes and go on a little photoshoot with me a few days ago. I just love having a girl.... I could not see my ten year old boy being into doing this at all. But the girls were crazy, as usual, and we got some fun shots.


The Dillon 6 said...

i LOVE them! They look so cool! and that last picture of David is enough to melt anyone's heart. :)

You'll have to tell me where this secret location is...Aubrey keeps talking about it!!

Matt Campbell said...

Amazing pictures - your about say's amateur.. Your work is not amateur. What is the name of the park these photos were taken in? I am a photographer in Redmond - amateur in that I don't do it full time, but I do get paid. www.sportspixs.com

Matt Campbell