i ♥ faces ~ week 51 - hilarious outtakes

Here is my weekly entry for the www.iheartfaces.com contest this week. The theme this week is "Hilarious Outtakes". This week we can enter up to five photos!

This first picture is taken on my grandparents farm in Ashton, Idaho. We were visiting their farm for the last time as a family after my grandma passed away last year. It was so fun being together again and sharing this memory.

Love this one! I wanted a picture of the older siblings kissing their baby brother on each cheek, but instead I got this. I think I like it even better!

This one needs no explanation. It's just plain funny!

And lastly, who hasn't tried a few times to capture that group family shot on your own and didn't quite leave enough time on the timer? This is my husband trying to make it back in the shot. Whoops... not quite.

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TidyMom said...

All great shots!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Really great shots - I'm seriously going to have to try out the timer for our next family shoot!

Blessings and Happy New Year!

Alice said...

great pictures! i love the crispness :). thanks for commenting on my pictures, too. i appreciate it :O).

Becca said...

oh my word. But of course every single one is beautiful! :-) I love them ALL!

Life with Kaishon said...

Your pictures are so pretty. Your mistakes are magnificent. You never ever disappoint! : )

Buckeroomama said...

Even your "mistakes" are beautiful!!

Tara. said...

Those are great! I love the one especially of your husband not quite making it back to the group! LOL

Michelle said...

They're all great but I sure do love the kissing on the tracks one - that's adorable!

the monkey's mama said...

your outtakes are GORGEOUS! Such great quality and so funny, too!

dietz said...

I love your website,you are very talented!! Love it!!

Mama Bonn said...

These are great! Your photography is exceptional!