i ♥ faces ~ fix-it friday - week 70

Today is Fix-It Friday over at I ♥ Faces. The original picture was taken by Amy Locurto from Atomic Egg Photography. To edit this photo I first cropped it a bit, although I really love the original shot just how it is too. I popped the eyes every so slightly and sharped around some of her features. I created a mask around the dark circles under her eyes and lighted them just a tad. I then ran the pool party action from TRA at about 60% and then boosted the yellow color just a tad. Here is the result.

Original photo:

Edited photo


FootPrints said...

LOVE YOUR EDIT! i really do...i was trying to get this affect but her skin was turning too yellow!

Robin Jones said...

I ♥ your edit! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job. I love how warm and soft it feels.

Norma-ann said...

I am loving how warm and soft your edit is, too! Perfect edit for the photo!
Great work.

Hannah M said...

This is gorgeous! I love the soft, beautiful colors! Wonderful job!